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Welcome to the world of the ultimate product to achieve the perfect golf swing. A training aid that provides the beginner or the established player with a practical conditioning tool that addresses the benefits specifically derived from the inventions usuage, i.e. the pinpointing of any errors within the build-up the user´s swing indicated by the hinge breaking the instant the fault occurs.

1. The Grip
The "Knickschläger" is available with a moulded grip. This grip is recommanded for beginners, or players who have developped an unorthodox method of gripping the club. Any fault in the grip will result in the hinge breaking when the fault affects the progress of the swing.

2. The Take-Away
All the top teachers and the tournament professionals promote the one piece take-away, i.e. shoulders, club and arms in unison. Any use of the arms and hands, or either, without a shoulder turn will result in the hinge breaking.

3. Club squareness at address position
If the user commences his or her back swing with an open or closed club face, the hinge will break.

4. Speed of the swing
The speed of the swing is determined by the take-away. Provided that the user´s swing is in unison and the movements are as described in ITEM 2 the hinge will remain locked. Any forcing of the shot will result in the hinge breaking. Remember you do not hit the ball with your back swing, take it easy, take it slowly, and allow your body to reach its ultimate hitting position.

5. Club squareness at the top of the swing
The same situation as ITEM 3, the club position at the top of the swing. If the club face is open or closed, the hinge will breake.

6. The down swing
If the user´s co-ordination between body, arms and club are not in unison teh hings will break.